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Sustainable land and resource management to preserve and improve the life of the planet and its inhabitants
Ambiente e Clima


From agriculture to industry, from natural resources to small and large human communities, no conscious development can ignore the need to protect the planet.
Drought, desertification, loss of biodiversity and climate change are the consequences of greedy and irresponsible policies that today cause hunger, inequality, conflict, and natural disasters, and in the future will put the very life of the Earth at risk.


Cities and communities, consumption and production, climate and environment are all interconnected in a global ecosystem that requires an integrated vision. As a direct effect of the uncontrolled development of the last century, climate change is causing increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

Today, 4 billion people - more than half the global population - live in cities with polluted air, causing millions of premature deaths each year. 

It is imperative to take care of the planet and life on it by halting and reversing the consumption of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity.

The 2030 Agenda addresses these issues through Goals 11, 12, 13 and 15.


We work on mitigation, adaptation, reduction of the impact of climate change and prevention and management of disasters alongside institutions and local communities.
We recover ancient building techniques encouraging the use of local raw materials, using the tradition and culture of the territory as a lever for sustainable development, thus also combating overbuilding.

We develop innovative techniques for agricultural production and water management.

We protect forests, parks, and water reservoirs from irresponsible exploitation by promoting the development of protected natural and environmental heritage.

We educate and raise awareness about common goods such as water and energy.

OUR approach

We promote partnerships with public institutions, universities, NGOs, local communities, and the private sector, aware that change can only be achieved if all the entities in an area are involved.

For this reason, research, higher education, and the active participation of the younger generation are at the heart of our approach, which aims to link humanitarian development and sustainable inclusive policies which together have an impact at national and international level.

flagship projects

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Immagine 1

It is not a metaphor, it is a real oasis in the desert. A basin of water that is a source of life for the soil, for the fauna and for the local people. It’s a child's game, it’s a woman's smile to her land.

Immagine 2

Traditional earthen architecture, sustainable and made of local materials, is the legacy of past generations: it is a cultural, social and economic heritage. Restoration projects enhance history and strengthen local identity while providing training and work opportunities by guiding rational urbanisation and preventing uncontrolled overbuilding phenomena.

Immagine 3

Unroasted coffee beans in the hands of those who grew them. Sustainable agriculture means taking care of the earth and benefiting from its fruits for a harmonious and conscious coexistence between man and the planet he inhabits.

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