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Ensuring access to food, creating, and sustaining responsible productive activities and opportunities for economic growth to promote social justice.
Cibo e Reddito


Access to basic goods, services, food, and resources are inalienable rights of every individual, necessary to lead a dignified life.

Yet hunger, poverty, lack of work and income affect the lives of millions of people around the world, while social exclusion deprives entire vulnerable groups of any opportunity for redemption.


Still today, more than 700 million people in the world live in extreme poverty, without access to basic needs.

Two billion people do not have enough to eat and living conditions are often dramatic even for those who have jobs. Malnutrition and undernourishment are consequences of unjust policies, climate change, conflict as well as irresponsible and inefficient production methods. 

Only inclusive and sustainable economic growth can create prosperity for all and improve the quality of life by providing decent working conditions and reducing inequalities between people and countries.

The 2030 Agenda addresses these issues through Goals 1, 2, 8 and 10.


We promote the creation of income and employment opportunities for young people, women, and marginalised groups.

We promote vocational training that is in line with the dynamics of the labour market and respectful of equal opportunities.

We promote the valorisation of the cultural, artistic, historical, and natural heritage of territories as a tool for sustainable socio-economic development.

We enhance the productivity and income of small-scale producers to ensure the inclusion of the poorest population groups.

We promote access to credit and micro-credit for people without collateral through collaboration with, and encouraging the creation of, local institutions.


We use tools such as micro-finance, micro-credit, training, access to information and the promotion of economic diversification to provide greater access to better income and employment opportunities, always exploiting the potential of beneficiaries and local communities.
Their leading role is essential for the establishment of public policies that are sensitive to issues of inclusion and social justice.

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Unjust economy, conflicts and climate change are among the factors behind hunger and malnutrition, which affect millions of people around the world. Supporting the most vulnerable and advocating for conscious and just food policies is imperative.

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A sewing machine to imagine a different life. A simple yet powerful tool to cross the boundaries of domestic life, achieve economic independence and unleash creativity. A sewing machine to provide for one's family, assert oneself as a woman and become an example for future generations.

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Legendary hospitality. This can be experienced in Beit Mirsim, West Bank, where the creation of a hiking route to discover the place, amidst history, nature and architecture, is an opportunity for the inhabitants to achieve economic recovery. Sustainable tourism thus becomes a means of getting to know the local communities and discover otherness along an itinerary that combines job opportunities and intellectual growth and, is, ultimately, a path on the road to peace.

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